Rug cleaning Calabasas

Rug Cleaning Calabasas

After an accident on your area rug don't take matters into your own hands, instead call experts who have the knowledge and experience of all fibers and dyes. The first step we take is to determine the best process for stain removal and cleaning your rug needs. Our cleaning services include dusting, pre-spotting, washing, fringe cleaning, rinsing, drying, and grooming. After we're done, we do a post-inspection to make sure your carpet is good to go!

Rug Repairing Los Angeles

Rug wear over time, or you may have moth damage in parts of your rugs which you discovered today since they were out of your sight. We employ artisans with the proper experience to ensure your rugs get repaired how they should. Whether it be from moth damage, dye migration removal, or resizing, we can do it all!


Before selling or purchasing a rug, we recommend that you find out its value, origin, and age. You can rely on expertise. Our unbiased appraisals are accepted by all insurance companies.