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Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

No matter what you do, you can’t avoid getting your rug dirty. If you have rugs in your home and they’re in any area that has foot traffic, they get dirtier each day. You may not be able to see the change, but between pet dander, dust, spills, and crumbs, your rug takes a toll. Superior Rug Services offers rug cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA, to remedy this problem.

Turn to us for efficient, quick, professional, and effective rug cleaning today. With our special nine-step cleaning process, your rug will look and feel brand new again.

Every rug has its own unique qualities. That’s why we examine each one to check its material, type of weave, and origin in order to figure out the best way to clean it. When a rug is constantly stepped on, we recommend that it be dusted prior to being washed. For the washing process, we use a specially formulated shampoo that can preserve your rug’s beauty.

When it comes to rug cleaning and repairs, trust none other than the certified professionals at Superior Rug Services. We are fully trained and equipped to restore your rug to its former splendor. Our wide range of rug services are available to homeowners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

When you call Superior Rug Services for a cleaning, you don’t have to worry about whether we’re experienced enough to handle your personal rug. We can expertly clean:

  • Persian rugs

  • Shag rugs

  • Kilim rugs

  • Sheepskin rugs

  • Flokati rugs

  • Turkish rugs

  • Oriental rugs

  • Silk rugs

  • Indian rugs

  • Custom rugs

  • Machine-made rugs

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