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Restoring and Preserving the Beauty of Your Rug


Every rug has its own unique qualities. That’s why we examine each one to check its material, type of weave, and origin in order to figure out the best way to clean it. When a rug is constantly stepped on, we recommend that it be dusted prior to being washed. For the washing process, we use a specially formulated shampoo that can preserve your rug’s beauty.

When it comes to rug cleaning and repairs, trust none other than the certified professionals at Superior Rug Services. We are fully trained and equipped to restore your rug to its former splendor. Our wide range of rug services are available to homeowners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.


Rug Cleaning Process

We use our exclusive 9 step rug cleaning process...


Pre-Inspection Of Rug For Spots, Stains, Construction, Dyes And Best Cleaning Method For Your Rug.


Dusting To Remove Dry Abrasive Soils.


Pre-Treatment Of Spots And Stains.


Gentle Shampooing Of Rug To Remove All Soils And Stains.


Fringes Hand Cleaned And Brightened


Final Rinse To Remove All Soap And Soiling Leaving Your Rug Clean And Residue Free


Controlled Drying


Hand Finishing And Grooming Of Pile And Fringes.


Post Cleaning Inspection

Stain Removal

Stains can completely ruin the value of a good rug. Fortunately, we specialize in removing all types of stains, including pet urine.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Handmade rugs, particularly Persian rugs, are quite valuable. You can ensure that they are handled and cleaned the way they should be by entrusting them to our team. Our cleaning methods are perfectly suited for oriental and handmade rugs.

Kilim Rug Cleaning

Kilim rugs and other flat woven rugs have to be cleaned very carefully to preserve their integrity. We can do it the old-fashioned way, but we also use cutting-edge equipment to achieve the best results.

Shag Rug Cleaning

Shag rugs add warmth to any room. However, their density and long strands of yarn can make cleaning these beautiful rugs very cumbersome. Don’t worry; we’ll do the work for you.

Flokati Rug Cleaning

A lot of Americans love handmade flokati rugs because of their softness and the quality of the wool used to make them. If you have one at home and you need it cleaned, turn to us. We do an exceptional job at thoroughly cleaning flokati rugs while keeping them full and plush.

Sheepskin Rug Cleaning

These decorative rugs are normally beige colored and can be challenging to clean. Luckily, our rug cleaners are experts at making them look brand-new.

sheep skin area rugs

Machine-Made Rug Cleaning

Our team is equipped with the right tools and products to clean machine-made rugs. These types of rugs are constantly being innovated by manufacturers. Nowadays, they come in various styles that are made from combined fibers.


Custom Rug Cleaning

In order to keep the seams and backings of custom-made rugs intact, we developed our own special method of cleaning. Trust us to get the job done regardless of your rug’s type, size, and thickness.

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